IO1 - State of the Art analysis on intrapreneurial skills needs and collection of best practices

Within IO1, partners will compile a synthesis report of existing literature on the current needs for the development of employees’ intrapreneurial skills and mindsets along with a collection of case studies of SMEs that have already applied tools and relevant methodologies.

This phase will also consider which indicators need to be collected, monitored and evaluated in order to calculate the business case/economic evaluation. At the same time, along with the literature review, partners will conduct a field research based on a structured questionnaire aiming to collect data directly from the project’s primary target group: SMEs, employers, employees and VET trainers / organizations. Finally, the national reports will be included in the overall synthesis report called “Analysis of the State of the Art on Intrapreneurial skills and mindsets” which will contribute as a framework for the development of the training curriculum (IO2) and of the training course (IO3). IO1 will thus consist of a combined evidence based state of the art analysis, presenting the basic guidelines for the project’s framework. The state of the art analysis report will be developed in such way in order to ensure transferability to all workplaces and working environments. It will also serve as a benchmarking analysis for European SMEs since it will include the findings from both a wide transnational desk research and from the field research.

IO2 - Intrapreneurial skills training curriculum development

The Training Curriculum for the development of intrapreneurial skills and mindsets will include a total number of relatively independent modules, related to the needs that will be recognized within IO1 activities.

Therefore, training carried out on the basis of this programme should equip participants with the knowledge, skills and competences necessary to
perform and carry out their tasks as intrapreneurs. For every module, the units of learning outcomes will be determined based on the specific work tasks/processes, fields of activities
and competences, which are essential for this purpose.
For all modules, the training curriculum will define and describe the following elements:

General description of the module (main objectives, learning contents, etc.);
Learning outcomes;
Description of selected training content and training material;
Test criteria, assessment and self-assessment tools for pre-tests and post-tests;
Description of the proposed teaching and training methodologies.

IO3 - Intrapreneurship training course and pilots

The main objective of the training course will be to equip employees with all the necessary skills and competences that will allow them to incorporate the mindset of an entrepreneur – or intrapreneur – into their every-day work and activities.

Achieving this will have significant impact on both a personal level for the employees allowing them to achieve personal development and growth as well on an organizational and economic enhancing the resilience, competitiveness and capacity for innovation of European SMEs. After having developed the aforementioned outputs, partners will move on with their pilot implementation. This phase refers to the application and experimentation of the developed training course into the partners countries.​

IO4 - Development of SEAL e-learning platform

In order to enhance and improve significant elements of the project’s successful implementation, such as sustainability, transferability and accessibility to the project’s results, partners will develop an interactive e-learning platform (SEAL platform), with an attractive and creative layout that will ensure a user-friendly environment.

The main objectives of the SEAL platform are:
– To develop and distribute learning materials available to all visitors of the platform that complement the training course (IO3) with interactive learning scenarios;
– To establish a widely recognized online platform that supports the development of European employees’ intrapreneurial skills and mindsets;
– To create an international and interactive online network of future intrapreneurs, thus enabling a sense of community and connectivity that does not only give them more peer support but also strengthens their European identity.​

IO5 - Manual & Toolkit for VET trainers and policy makers

The SEAL Manual & Toolkit for VET trainers / organizations and policy makers shall serve a two-fold purpose:
1) It will ensure the availability and sustainability of the project’s results
2) It will ensure the highest possible level of transferability of the tools, materials and methodologies developed within the project.

To this purpose, the SEAL Toolkit will include:
– The training curriculum and training material developed within the project;
– Tools that SMEs, VET trainers and organizations can exploit in order to offer courses and/or training courses for the development of the employees’ intrapreneurial skills and mindsets;
– The evidence and data collected through the piloting activities in the form of a consolidated report;
– Policy briefs for the promotion and wider establishment of initiatives for the development of the employees’ intrapreneurial skills and mindsets.​

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